Census Fulbright

We need every voice.

To save the Fulbright Program from crippling budget cuts, the Fulbright Association needs to show Congress the value of the program. We need every voice in the Fulbright community to be heard by their representatives on Capitol Hill. Please share your email with us and share this URL with other Fulbrighters.

Thank you for joining us in the fight for Fulbright.

    A force for peace

    The Fulbright Association continues the mission of the program by sharing our understanding of world cultures, supporting alumni, and gathering internationally-minded individuals.

    An urgent time

    The Fulbright Program has been facing devastating budget cuts, 47% last year, and 70% this year. Next year could be even worse.

    Join us so we can stand together to resist these cuts and restore full funding.

    Stand and be counted

    Fulbright alumni and friends gather in 52 local chapters and at national conferences to share insights, support and fellowship.

    We are the voice of the program on Capitol Hill, fighting to keep funding strong. The more voices we have, the stronger our impact

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